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Katlyn Glenn

Katlyn Glenn, the creative behind KG and Partners, brings a passion for philosophy, art, and innovation to the architectural landscape. As Founder and Managing Principal, her mission is to create spaces that don't just look good, but feel good - spaces that deeply connect with those who use them.

Drawing from an imaginative background as a sculptor and spatial thinker, Katlyn approaches each project as both an artist and designer. She enjoys crafting distinct components for her clients, adding a signature touch and bringing ideas into unique, livable spaces.

Backing her approach is an Honours degree in Architecture and a background in Fine Arts. Her professional portfolio includes North America's largest real estate development, securing two government research grants for 3D-printing housing, and overseeing robotic and material development.

In leading KG and Partners, Katlyn is carving out her path in the architectural landscape. She has always embraced new technology, with no exception to artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art design processes. This commitment to technological advancement empowers her to deliver efficient, future-ready solutions for her clients.

At the heart of Katlyn's work is the belief that great architecture has the power to enhance the human experience and connect us deeper to our surroundings. 

Partnerships & Team

The strength of KG and Partners is rooted in our collaborations and team members – a diverse collective of architects, designers, and technical thinkers from around the globe. Each member embodies a unique fusion of creativity, insight, and local knowledge that enhances our designs.

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